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my basics

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:11 pm
by tkroeker
I'm still having an issue with th ohm factor of designing.

The way I have figured out how to use this app so far is probably to basic but if I explain what I do maybe it will help me ask my question.

for this example,,, I import say two graphs of a woofer and tweeter both freq and imp. then I set it for Parallel two way, select orders high pass and low pass types. I continue changing values of capacitors, resistors and inductors until the pretty lines create somewhat of a nice flatish curve (lol).

I actually have a decent grasp on the app and what I am doing but the different ohm values of the tweeter vs woofer still throws me. If I have used my method so far and used an 8 ohm woofer and tweeter then did one with a 16 ohm tweeter,,,,,   does the app do something different? It seems like all I am doing is caring about the frequency curves but I know that a speaker with a different ohm value effects the crossover point