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Baffle step...

Post by CJB » Wed Oct 01, 2014 5:41 pm

I have been playing with WINPCD for several weeks now and LOVE it. I'm about ready to refurb some old cabinets and I've been running sims on your software. I like it. Alot. My question regards baffle step considerations.
I recently had a near fatal computer catastrophe but after a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, and a fresh Windows install I'm back up and running. However, I no longer have use of my "borrowed" copy of Office. Is there anything I can use in conjunction with WINPCD to sim baffle step that doesn't rely on Excel? Thanks for your response.

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Re: Baffle step...

Post by dlr » Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:24 pm

Sorry I missed this. The WinPCD board hasn't very active for a while and I tend to glance too quickly to see if there's something new. I'm not aware of any free software that does not rely on Excel at the moment, at least not one that can output a diffraction signature file or is integrated with crossover software, not yet anyway. That will probably change over time. I'd like to do that myself, but it's a big task and not likely to on the list any time soon. My new work is not taking up most of my weekdays. Once winter is here and thing settle down I may look into it.


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